Founded in 2011 in Quebec City, Les Incomplètes is a theatre company focused on research and creation, inspired by pluralism in art. Based on their unique approach, the company produces sensory driven pieces, full of rich imagery, providing audiences with a unique aesthetic experience.

While there is a desire to explore other audiences in the future, the company has thus far focused its research on early childhood, believing that because children are not bound by theatrical codes, they can be free to delve into narratives based largely on image and sense. 

In hopes of creating a social connection and thus enriching their creative process, Les Incomplètes also spearhead cultural action projects, whose aim is to bring the community, the artists and their creative pieces closer together.

Founding members

Audrey and Laurence are directors and actors. Josiane is a choreographer and contemporary dancer. Together, they envision and create the company’s artistic projects. They work as a collective, devising shows and workshops along with the projects’ other collaborators.


Credits: Emilie Dumais

Josiane Bernier

After studying theatre and philosophy, Josiane completed professional training at l’École de danse de Québec in 2010. Since then, she has led a career as a performer working with many choreographers and dance and/or multidisciplinary companies in Québec City and Montreal. In the past year, she has performed in the works of  Geneviève Duong, Alan Lake (Alan Lake Factori(e)), Catherine Tardif (Et Marianne et Simon), Le Crue, Les Incomplètes, L’Orchestre d’hommes-orchestres et Théâtre Rude Ingénierie.

Josiane is also interested in choreographic research, and has created four dance-theatre projects funded by the Première Ovation – Danse program. In the spring of 2018, she performed her first personal creation, La fille d’à côté, presented by La Rotonde, an important choreographic centre in Québec City. In 2014 and 2017, she codirected her first two pieces on-screen. She is also frequently invited by her peers to serve in their creative projects as choreographer and/or choreographic consultant and dramaturg.

Josiane is at the helm of many projects. She cofounded Bloc.danse, a spontaneous research platform in contemporary dance and other disciplines, in Québec City. She is also a founding member of Les Incomplètes theatre company, where she works as artistic collaborator on various multidisciplinary projects, mostly aimed at young audiences. She takes part in each and every one of the company’s projects, as a performer, choreography, artistic director, playwright, rehearsal director, curator and cultural mediator.

Since she first started performing professionally, Josiane has danced in over 250 performances of various productions, in Quebec, Canada (Ontario and Prince Edward Island), in France and Luxemburg.

The heart of Josiane’s artistic approach is her eye for interdisciplinary aesthetic, sensory experience and the body’s progression in a performance space. She’s compelled by an actor or dancer’s state of presence that is required when performing for young audiences, and the authenticity that emerges from that creative space. Les Incomplètes is her playground for exploring these different artistic priorities.

Les Incomplètes have received two distinctive awards for their work: Le Prix d’excellence de la Ville de Québec (2013) and Le Prix Première Ovation pour le meilleure spectacle de la relève (best new play by emerging artists: Édredon, 2011).

Audrey Marchand

Audrey began her training as an actor at the CÉGEP in St-Hyacinthe, which she completed at Université Laval’s theatre program.

Theatre for young audiences grew as a passion during the time she worked as usher and artist-facilitator at the Théâtre jeunesse Les Gros Becs. For Audrey, it was also the place of exploring the bond between art and young audiences, and of her first encounter with an audience of baby spectators.

Since 2009, she has focused her research on baby audience members, with an approach based on movement, imagery and sensory experience.

Audrey Marchand is cofounder of Les Incomplètes theatre company. She wears many hats in the company, depending on the project: actor, director, playwright, curator or artistic director.

As an actor, she has perfomed Edredon nearly 250 times in various countries since 2011. She also performs in Terrier, a young audience coproduction between Théâtre du Gros Mécano and Les Incomplètes.

As a director and playwright, she coauthored Edredon, EAUX and Les Matinées berçantes, as well as Les Incomplètes’ atypical projects and cultural action projects. She is also co-curator of three exhibitions (Sentiers, Dehors/Dedans and Dans ma maison) presented at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec. Finally, she contributed to the installation exhibit Les Berçantes (RectoVerso-2016, Axenéo7-2017).

Laurence P Lafaille

Laurence P Lafaille is founder and co-director of Les Incomplètes, a theatre company that has lead multidisciplinary research since 2009, based on movement and the performer’s body, imagery and sensory experience, creating most of its work for the baby audience member. She has performed over 250 shows of Édredon in various countries. She has performed in Terrier (Gros Mécano/Les Incomplètes) since 2014. She has directed and authored Édredon, Streams, Burrow, Dawn Lullabies and From the shore (Depuis la grève). She co-commissionned three exhibitions for children, presented at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (Sentiers 2013, Outside/Inside 2013 and Home sweet home 2016) and co-signed the installation exhibition Les Berçantes (RectoVerso 2016, Axenéo7-2017, Vaste et Vague 2019). She is also commissionner of the Mois Multi, an international festival of multidisciplinary and electronic arts, programming the young audience portion.